My Review of Allen Roth Wallpaper!

Are you someone who is constantly looking for the next improvement for your household?  Not only does upgrading your house make it look better, but it can also increase the value of your home!  Because I am a pretty hands on person, I love doing my own repairs and my own upgrades.  I have completely added new cabinets and even added more own granite countertops.  But not all improvements are that hands on and intense.  My latest upgrade was upgrading my visual appeal by adding on Allen roth wallpaper from!

Now for many people, redoing their wallpaper can be a real pain.  It isn’t a very hard installation, but if you are replacing old wallpaper, then the process of removing the old can be very tedious and annoying!  Thankfully there are quite a few tips and tricks on removing wallpaper easier.  I personally use a spray bottle and then gently start scrapping the old wall paper and it will come off a lot easier than before!

But besides the point, installing new allen roth wallpaper can completely redo your visual look of your house!  As opposed to repainting your house, I think wallpaper  can definitely be a better solution.  If you are looking for something allen and roth wallpaperthat will match your new style, wallpaper is easier and most of the time cheaper!

You get all of the same benefits of painting, but you don’t have to deal with the messy cleanup that painting a room can often lead to.  Along with this, I personally think that these wallpaper styles can actually look better than what you can achieve with paint!

In the end, if you are looking for something to spice up your house, then I definitely suggest looking at allen and roth wallpaper.  They have styles that will literally fit in with any look that you are going for!

Greensboro SEO Company

To anyone that knows anything about the internet, there are quite a few people that are online searching Google.  There are some reports of over a billion Google searches being made every single day!  That is absolutely crazy!  If you are a business there is definitely a huge amount of people that could be looking for your businesses services.  You would be absolutely insane not to use Google for your business.  But it can often be extremely difficult to get your website ranked in Google.  Because of these difficulties and the skills needed, we here at VPST have decided to hire Greensboro SEO Company to help us!

As you can see from this video, it is extremely important to have a website that is preforming in Google.  Having these high rankings for relevant keywords can literally flood your website with potentially clients, and can completely transform your business!  I had a friend who has dealt with SEO Badger in Greensboro before, and this SEO company was able to completely transform their business with their SEO and internet marketing techniques.  My friends business went from receiving next to zero traffic to his website, to getting calls nearly every day from new clients!  SEO is definitely the most cost effective and the newest way to increase your businesses performance!

To anyone that is considering making the leap and looking for an SEO company, make sure you do your due diligence.  There is a lot of misinformation in the SEO marketplace and there are some companies that will actually harm your website by providing you with poor SEO tactics.  This can harm your website by actually getting it punished in Google because they used poor SEO tactics.  So I would definitely make sure you find a company that knows what they are doing, and they won’t harm your website!

Tree Service Greensboro and Virtual Reality!

This past week I was in Greensboro North Carolina to visit some friends, and to talk about some virtual reality solutions.  I have never been to Greensboro, but it was a great little city!  There were quite a few universities in the area, so I knew it would be a great area for virtual reality because it was an area of learning and studies!  A few of my friends attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and they really loved it, and they had a great education.

tree serviceAs we were meeting up at my friends new apartment, I was really surprised at Greensboro’s tree stump removal.  Now I know this is a very bizarre thing to say on my blog, but once you really think about it, it’s true.  My friend was telling me recently that they had some severe winds and ice storms which really wrecked havoc on many of the trees and foliage in the area.  Because of this in his own
yard he had a tree crackle over, and he needed to find someone in Greensboro to come and dig out the stump and pick up the pieces.  He ended up calling them a few hours before I arrived, because he figured it would take a week or so for them to come out and fix it.  This Greensboro company ended up coming out with two hours of my friend calling, and they were ready to take care of this!

Me being from a different state, I had never seen service like this before, I was blown away!  This tree service company went above and beyond, and really made a name for themselves!  If I lived in Greensboro, NC I would always be willing to use this company because of their great service!

2016 Is The Year For Virtual Reality Medical Training

Welcome to the new year!  With the new year just beginning in the past couple of days, there are quite a few things to look forward to!  I recently read BBC News article on the new technology coming to virtual reality, and it got me really excited.  The began about talking about how different virtual reality was even just a years ago.  Back then virtual reality was more like a video game than it was a virtual reality like it is today.  But now virtual reality has advanced so much, even so much to include virtual reality medical training!

But thankfully we have made leaps and bounds in this industry, and the advancements are helping more than just people that are looking for entertainment purposes with these tools.  Starting last year, virtual reality has found a new home, in brand new labs built for medical colleges!  Because the advancements in VR over the past few years, this technology has gotten to the point where it is actually great training for  doctors and medical students to use these kits to help on procedures.  It is so realistic and accurate that it is great training exercise and will actually help these doctors be prepared for when they have to do it for real!  I got to see this in action when I saw some a Chiropractor in action.  They were using the new oculus headset and they were looking at a virtual patients back, and they used this software to help locate where and why pain was being caused on these patients.


I thought this was amazing, when I first started hearing about virtual reality all those years ago, it was really more of just an entertainment thing, I would never have guessed that this was possible just a few short years later.  Virtual reality medical training is really something that is great for society, and i’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the next few months!

Oculus Rift and the New Year!

To anyone that doesn’t know, the Oculus Rift was one of the biggest advancements in the world of virtual reality!  It is to be formally released in the beginning of 2016.  Although it hasn’t been officially released to the public, it has definitely made its rounds in the biggest technology conventions in the world.  It has been made known to the public on how this piece really does bring the world of virtual reality to the hands of the public.

It really helps to give you an immersion into your favorite video game or movie.  As you strap it on it helps to put you in a world that makes you feel like you’re actually there!

It’s hard to say what programs will run on this system in the future, but it is easy to say that the Oculus Rift will play a huge role in the future of virtual reality.  I personally had the chance to mess around with oculus at G3 last year, and it was a heck of a surprise!  I was expecting something pretty cool, but it’s amazing how advanced this system actually is!  I tried it on with a few different programs and it blew my mind!

I got to try it with a demo for a future horror themed video game. I was put into a world that was full of shadows and scary turns around the corner.  I felt like I was physically in this world, and it was a mind blowing experience.

When it comes to your town, then you definitely need to check it out!

The New Samsung Gear VR, and What It Means

Recently Samsung released the Gear VR which is a huge deal for the virtual reality marketplace.  Over the past few years we’ve had a few big suppliers come out with big product launches like this, but not all of them were very successful and didn’t garnish much attention.  But it seems like the Gear VR might be doing something different than all those other firms did.  They are making it fully accessible for the average person.  For previous releases like Oculus the price tag was simply way too high for the average person.  It made it really unaccessible, so the average person didn’t give it any thought.

gear vrAs you can see the Gear VR is pretty sleek looking and it is simple enough for anyone to learn with a few minutes of tweaking and messing around with it.  I definitely think this is going to be a hit with the young adult market, which will help to advance this field.  I think this is a great thing for our field that Samsung released this, and I can’t wait to see what else happens because of it!


VPST is Back! is the up and coming leader in virtual reality.  Virtual reality is an important advancement for entertainment because of media and video games, but it’s also very important for difficult training programs like for surgeons.  With the help of virtual reality our doctors of the future will be able to practice in a virtual environment that is so real that it will test their skills and make them prepared for surgery on a real patient.

Because of these needs, we started VPST in college as we were undergrad students in Illinois.  We started this program in our biomechanics class as were were challenged to create something that would benefit the science field.  We came up with this as we were obsessed with the idea of being in a completely realistic environment to train for events that might be impossible otherwise.

But as of last year, we had to put this project on the back burner because of an overload of course work.  We were always thinking of this project we just had to postpone it for a little while.

But now we’re back!  Now that we finished our exams for the fall semester and we’re approaching our last semester of undergrad, we decided it’s time to bring it back to life, and really start focusing on this project!  So, low and behold, the new VPST!